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  • Amiad Water Systems — Information pertaining to the acquisition of Arkal by Amiad
  • ARC Water Treatment Company — A regional water treatment company based in Maryland
  • Fremont Industries — Regional water treatment company based in Minnesota
  • Global Treat — A listing of companies, manufacturers, distributors and information sources associated with water treatment, disinfection, and other service-oriented industries
  • Hach — Features an article called, "Granular Media Filtration for Water Treatment Applications"
  • Hoovers — Contains a listing of wastewater treatment companies and related news
  • H.R. Peterson Company — Manufacturers of residential and commercial drinking water filters
  • JNB Laboratories — An industrial water treatment consulting and engineering services company
  • Lenntech — A water treatment company based in the Netherlands
  • Mid South Chemical — A leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals
  • Norlens Water Treatment LLC — A water treatment and water filtration services company, based in Maine
  • Oiltrap — Industrial water treatment and recycling systems
  • Ozone Pure Water — A full service water treatment company with the knowledge and equipment to treat even the most extreme conditions
  • Peterson Salt & Water Treatment Company — Repair and installation of water softeners and RO systems
  • Process Cooling — Features an article called "Understanding Cooling Tower Filtration Options"
  • The Keeler Company — Regional water treatment company based in Pennsylvania
  • Tower Water Management Company — Specializing in industrial water treatment system management and commercial water treatment cost analysis
  • Water Filter Comparisons — A website designed to assist you in selecting the water filtration system that is right for you
  • Water Treatment & Controls Co. — The largest domestic factory authorized distributor and service center for SIEMENS/Wallace & Tiernan, the exclusive manufacturer's representative and distributor for Florida, and the distributor for Alabama and Georgia
  • Weston & Sampson — Providing quality engineering services for water supply development, treatment, and distribution projects

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