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Bag Filter
  • Flows to 2000 gpm
  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
  • Pressures on single bag housings 100 psi
  • Pressures on multi-bag housings 150 psi
  • Variety of media available
  • Uses standard commercially available #1 & #2 bags
  • Filtration skid systems from the experts in filtration
  • Optional system-matched pump, motor, PLC control, bag change-out alarm, instrumentation and piping
  • All systems undergo a complete operational checkout before shipping
  • Quick-Swing® fast opening, hinged lid has simple O-ring seal for quick bag change-outs
  • Custom designs are available to meet your specific needs
  • Quick and easy installation ... just pipe to the inlet and outlet, single point wiring to the control panel and you are ready to produce clean fluids
BGSF series filters remove suspended particulate from water and other process liquids. Contaminants such as pipe scale, grit, wax, metal chips, rust, and airborne debris are found in a broad range of particle sizes. PEP offers a variety of bags to capture particles ranging from 0.35 to 800 microns.

These housings are designed to act as strainers or bag filters. To use as a strainer to capture large particles, the stainless steel basket can be ordered with any commonly available perforated hole size. Specify a wire mesh lining to capture finer particles.

When even finer filtering is required, the same perforated basket is used but now only as support for a cloth filter bag. Bags can be ordered with retention ratings from 800 microns to 0.35 micron. Tough polyester and polypropylene felts are the most popular bag materials. Cotton, Teflon, nylon, and other materials are available for chemical compatibility with your particular liquid stream.

Chemical compatibility is also an important factor in choosing the correct housing material for your application. For example: carbon steel for oils and non-corrosive liquids; 304 and 316 stainless steel or CPCV for water, de-ionized water, and other mild corrosives. For highly acidic or caustic liquids, PVC, polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar) can be used.

Units are designed for pressures of 150 psi or 300 psi at temperatures up to 450° F. ANSI 300# flat closures can increase this rating to 740 psi if desired.

Standard 0-ring seals for all units are Buna-N rubber. Other materials are available, including Viton and Teflon, for chemical and temperature compatibility. ASME "U" or "UM" code stamps are available on carbon steel and stainless steel housings.

Bag Filter specifications

Bag Filter chart

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