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    Application Recommended
    Sizing ( microns)
    Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowd 5-55
    Closed loop filtration 5-55
    Tower Basin Cleaning / Sweeper Jet 5-55
    Cartridge replacement 2-55
    Protection of Heat exchangers 5-55 Consult with manufacturer
    Invasive Species 40-70 For larva removal
    Membrane Protection 70-300
    Coal Ash 20-50 depends on process treatment train

Centrifugal Separators

PEP Filter’s ICS2 centrifugal separators are the filters of choice for the removal of high-load suspended solids. These versatile, yet economical filters can be installed to treat various liquids. The ICS2 separator is primarily used to remove sand and other solids from water with a specific gravity of ≥2.6 and provide a filtration degree down to 75 micron. Finer filtration can be achieved but filtration efficiency is based on the specific gravity of the solids and the hydraulics of the system. Please refer to the following link for additional information on PEP ICS2 Separators.


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