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    Application Recommended
    Sizing ( microns)
    Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowd 5-55
    Closed loop filtration 5-55
    Tower Basin Cleaning / Sweeper Jet 5-55
    Cartridge replacement 2-55
    Protection of Heat exchangers 5-55 Consult with manufacturer
    Invasive Species 40-70 For larva removal
    Membrane Protection 70-300
    Coal Ash 20-50 depends on process treatment train


Wastewater treatment takes place at the backend of the plant.  It usually involves cleaning up the waste streams from multiple sources like the Intake, Process and Cooling areas of a plant.  Depending on the location of the plant there may be a variety of regulatory discharge limits that have to be met before the wastewater can be released from the plant.  PEP Filters has a complete line of automatic self-cleaning filtration equipment to help facilities meet their discharge limits.  Applications include:

Title 22

TSS reduction

NTU reduction

Pump seal protection

Nozzle protection

Salt water disposal well protection

Produced water treatment

FOG water filtration


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