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  • 150 psi rating, carbon steel construction
  • ASME code stamp available
  • External epoxy coating
  • Non-removable lid standard, removable lid available
  • Very low micron particle removal
  • Available as Tower Clean Package, including pump, Nema 4X control panel, skid mounted with variety of purge and recovery options
  • True tangential entry
  • Automatic purge option available, including NEMA 4X enclosure and electrically actuated ball valve
  • Handles flows from 10-5000 gallons per minute
  • Proven rugged design
PEP Filters continues to lead the industry in the design and manufacture of the most rugged, reliable and efficient automatic equipment for filtration and separation. The InterSeptor Centrifugal Separator style ICS2 continues in this tradition. Our ICS2 Centrifugal Separators are available as standalone units or skid mounted systems (ICS2-TCP). The ICS2 is effective in removing suspended particles 40 micron and larger from a flow stream. Depending on the specific gravity of the particle and the viscosity of the carrier fluid, retention as small as 5 microns is possible.

In keeping with our innovative leadership position and firm commitment to providing efficient and cost effective filter solutions, the InterSeptor® Series Centrifugal Separator ("ICS2") is the newest addition to our diverse product line. Available in many sizes, please feel free to contact your PEP sales engineer for application assistance. Our goal is to provide system matched liquid/solids separation and filtration products that meet or exceed your system requirements.

ICS2 specifications

ICS2 chart

How it WorksThe ICS2 is a simple mechanical device that uses the principle of centrifugal force and friction to cause the separation of suspended solids from liquids. It is a device with no moving parts, has no media and operates effectively for years without any required maintenance.

The liquid enters on a tangential inlet port (1) where the velocity is increased by an internal acceleration ring.(2) As the fluid spins through the separation chamber (3) the centrifugal force caused by the acceleration ring forces the suspended particles to the outer wall of the separation chamber. (4) The separated particles then slide down the outer wall to the collection chamber while the carrier fluid undergoes a 270 degree change of direction (5) by the direction plate causing further and more efficient separation while the vortex breaker (6) allows the suspended particles to settle in the collection chamber. (7)To remove the solids, a continuous purge can be utilized. An automatic timed purge can be used as well based on two parameters intervals between purges and purge length.

In addition there are several options for further cleaning and reusing the purge fluid.

In addition to centrifugal separators, we have numerous other filtration products, including disc filters and media filters. Visit our Products page to learn more about the other product offerings we have in addition to our disc filters, media filters and centrifugal separators.

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