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    Application Recommended
    Sizing ( microns)
    Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowd 5-55
    Closed loop filtration 5-55
    Tower Basin Cleaning / Sweeper Jet 5-55
    Cartridge replacement 2-55
    Protection of Heat exchangers 5-55 Consult with manufacturer
    Invasive Species 40-70 For larva removal
    Membrane Protection 70-300
    Coal Ash 20-50 depends on process treatment train

Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowdown

Cooling tower bleed-off/blowdown occurs periodically throughout the day to remove high concentrations of mineralized water from the tower due to evaporation.  Scale formation occurs if the concentration of minerals in a cooling tower increases to a level higher than the saturation point of the system water. The mineral content above the saturation point will fall out of the solution of the water and form hard mineral scale throughout the system.

Incorporating a properly designed PEP Filtration system into a cooling tower helps to prevent scale and mineralization buildup within the tower by keeping dissolved solids and minerals in solution longer.  As an added benefit, less chemicals and energy costs will be required to maintain the tower’s performance.    

Consider this, a 500 ton tower running 24/7 will flush over 3.9 million gallons of water down the drain each year. This breaks down to approximately 10,800 gallons of waste per day or 7.5 gallons per minute.  That is a lot of water and chemicals that could be reclaimed and used a little longer before it needs to be replenished.


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