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    Application Recommended
    Sizing ( microns)
    Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowd 5-55
    Closed loop filtration 5-55
    Tower Basin Cleaning / Sweeper Jet 5-55
    Cartridge replacement 2-55
    Protection of Heat exchangers 5-55 Consult with manufacturer
    Invasive Species 40-70 For larva removal
    Membrane Protection 70-300
    Coal Ash 20-50 depends on process treatment train

Injection Water Polishing

Surface water provides an attractive option to enhance oil recovery. Water must be treated to remove undesirable components such as solids and/or biological material before injection. Treatment of surface water for injection requires a specially designed system. Secondary solids removal or polishing refers to suspended solids concentrations of less than 100 mg/L and solids particle sizes less than 50μ. PEP Filters offer a comprehensive portfolio of pre-engineered self-cleaning filter system based on media, screen and disc technology. The media filter performance is enhanced by the Pep Active media an inorganic media with a negative zeta potential which provides accurate and efficient filtration down to 2μ.


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