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    Application Recommended
    Sizing ( microns)
    Cooling Tower Bleed-off / Blowd 5-55
    Closed loop filtration 5-55
    Tower Basin Cleaning / Sweeper Jet 5-55
    Cartridge replacement 2-55
    Protection of Heat exchangers 5-55 Consult with manufacturer
    Invasive Species 40-70 For larva removal
    Membrane Protection 70-300
    Coal Ash 20-50 depends on process treatment train

Process Water Filtration

Process water is used in the manufacturing process for multiple industries and segments to produce the desired products and services.  Process water usually requires a finer degree of filtration and solids removal than the Intake Water entering a plant.   PEP Filters manufacturers a complete line of automatic

self-cleaning mechanical filters to meet the most stringent process water requirements.


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